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Teaching Interests

I have two primary teaching interests: (1) law and politics, and (2) research methods. In law and politics, I am interested in teaching courses on law, democracy, and development, including Comparative Judicial Politics, Comparative Criminal Procedure, and Justice Reform in Latin America. More broadly, I am interested in teaching courses in comparative and international politics, especially those that examine law, legal institutions, and legal actors in comparative and international perspective, including human rights and international institutions. In research methods, I am interested in teaching a full range of courses from introductory research methods at the undergraduate level to advanced topics in research methods at the graduate level (e.g., spatial econometrics). I have also recently proposed a summer camp for local middle school and high school students on math and coding skills as applied to social problems.

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Courses Taught

University at Albany, State University of New York (SUNY Albany)

  • Undergraduate
    • Predicting Supreme Court Decisions (RPOS 335; new course for Spring 2017)
    • Justice Reform in Latin America (RPOS 425Z; new course taught Spring 2013; Spring 2015)
    • Comparative Criminal Procedure (RPOS 317; new course taught Fall 2012, Fall 2016)
    • Comparative Judicial Politics (RPOS 327; Fall 2012, Spring 2014)
    • Latin American Politics (RPOS 357; Spring 2013)
    • Introduction to Public Law (RPOS 326; Fall 2014, Fall 2015)
    • Methodological Tools for Public Policy (RPOS 316; new fully online course taught Summer 2014, 2015, 2016)
  • Graduate
    • Public Law Field Seminar (RPOS 514; Fall 2013)
    • Comparative Judicial Politics - Graduate Seminar (RPOS 527; Spring 2013)
    • Spatial Analysis (RPOS 619)
      • new graduate course taught Spring 2015, Fall 2016
      • See related course website (also listed below)
    • Quantitative Research Methods (RPAD/RPOS 517)
      • new design of existing course taught Spring 2017
      • See related course website (also listed below)
Course Websites:

University of Notre Dame (2011-2012)

Comparative Justice Systems (University of Notre Dame, Spring 2012)

University of Massachussetts, Dartmouth (2010-2011)

International Relations
Comparative Politics
Comparative Judicial Politics
Research Methods

University of New Mexico (Graduate Instructor)

Comparative Politics (2005-2009)

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Sample syllabi


Public Law Field Seminar

Spatial Analysis


Latin American Politics

Justice Reform in Latin America (writing intensive seminar)

Comparative Criminal Procedure

Methodological Tools for Public Policy

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Teaching Statement

This is my teaching statement as of June 2016, including teaching philosophy and a summary of student evaluations as evidence of teaching effectiveness.

Further evidence of teaching effectiveness available upon request.