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Instructional videos on YouTube

Workflow in Stata using LaTeX and MarkDoc

Workshop Materials

All materials: (.zip)

Individual materials:

Pre-workshop Preparation

Data (from Michael Bailey, Real Stats, Ch. 2, winter olympics example): [.csv] [.dta, v15] [.dta, v13]



Stata using LaTeX and MarkDoc (with macros): (.do)
Finished .pdf

Stata using LaTeX and MarkDoc (with macros and references): (.do)
Finished .pdf

Sources and Additional Resources

DA-RT home

BITSS (Berkeley Initiative for Transparency in the Social Sciences)

Center for Open Science

Video: Arthur Lupia and Bill Jacoby at ICPSR 2017

Scott Long's homepage

Book by Scott Long

Slides by Scott Long

Materials by Shawna Smith (see links at bottom of page)

MarkDoc package by E.F. Haghish (University of Freiburg)

E.F. Haghish, "MarkDoc: Literate Programming in Stata" (.pdf)

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